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Our Partners

New Season Community Development Corporation (NSCDC) along with Network partners Capay Valley Farm Shop (CVFS)Yolo Food Bank, Durst Organic Growers, Spork Food Hub, Fiery Ginger Farm, Hatamiya Group, Kitchen Table Advisors, and Valley Vision closed escrow on the Historic Oakdale Ranch location south of Hwy. 16 between the rural towns of Esparto and Madison in Western Yolo County. Funding for the property purchase was made possible by a grant from the Yolo County Board of Supervisors using American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds.

Our Mission

The Yolo Food Hub Network (YFHN) will consist of new and expanded existing facilities for aggregating, processing, storing and distributing farm produce grown throughout Yolo and neighboring Counties. The Food Hub project will make fresh, nutritious foods available directly to school children, hospital patients, houseless individuals, prisoners, and low-income residents. It will enable the marketing of local produce into regional food service sites as well as retail and wholesale buyers.

YFHN will improve regional food security, stabilize food markets, increase employment and job training opportunities, and provide local food security among other benefits. Yolo Food Bank’s supplies, in particular, will be secured and expanded through the proposed food hub.

County-wide Impact:

YFHN’s positive, measurable effects will be recognized throughout the county – in cities as much as in rural areas, and in individual households as much as in institutions.

Everyone will benefit from the proposed food hub:

  • the 60,000+/- residents of cities like Davis, Woodland and West Sacramento who currently use the Yolo Food Bank and other charity food distributions.

  • the roughly 30,000 children in every Yolo County school district will have increased access to fresh, healthy foods in their cafeterias.

  • the nearly 80 non-profit partner groups already among the Food Bank’s customers, and all of the extended communities they serve in densely populated areas.

  • countless rural residents living in and around under-resourced, unincorporated communities.

  • farmers and farm workers; Yolo Food Hub will take steps toward building a healthy agricultural economy in its service area.

  • it will be a source of new jobs and the support they bring to our communities.

YFHN will utilize agricultural products from farms of all sizes, in Yolo and surrounding Counties including produce, nuts, grains, oils, and fruits, utilizing a farm’s total harvest and radically scaling up farm-to-fork operations for consumers.


New Season President Jim Durst addresses attendees

New Season President Jim Durst addresses attendees

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry delivers her remarks

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry delivers her remarks

Supervisor Don Saylor, Jim Durst, Maria McVarish, Supervisor Angel Barajas

Supervisor Don Saylor, Jim Durst, Maria McVarish, Supervisor Angel Barajas

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